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Brisbane Fire Services

Strategic Fire Solutions is a Brisbane based fire protection company that is fully licensed with Queensland Building and Construction Commission. We are leaders in the fire protection industry.

As a premier fire protection company, we help to protect Queensland businesses and homes from the devastation of fire. Many organisations choose us to service their fire equipment because of our timely, expert services and our no cut corners approach.

We offer fire services including fire safety training, fire extinguisher training, fire evacuation training & fire emergency procedures.

No matter the issue, we will find the solution

Strategic Fire Solutions Brisbane Fire Protection Services

Fire Protection Services Brisbane

Equipping your workplace with appropriate fire protection measures is not only safe but also a requirement by law. If you are looking for reliable fire protection services in Brisbane, Strategic Fire Solutions has a management system and solution for your every safety need.

A Wide Range of Fire Services in Brisbane

From regular maintenance of your fire safety equipment to training in fire protection, our company offers a range of solutions for your workplace. Our professionals can undertake the following measures at your premises:

  • Extinguishers & Fire Hose Reels – Our fire protection experts install and maintain your equipment. We offer regular equipment inspection services to ensure correct working.
  • Emergency & Exit Lighting – We provide installation, inspection and maintenance of emergency and exit lights. We can perform audit tests to check for compliance. We also issue Form 16 certification.
  • Fire Hydrants – We offer a comprehensive maintenance programme for fire hydrants in your building. In case your business requires insurance policy approvals, we can conduct annual flow tests in the presence of insurance companies.
  • Fire Alarm & Warning Systems – Regular maintenance of your fire detection alarm systems (monthly, 6-monthly or annually) to ensure efficient use during emergencies.
  • Sprinkler Systems – Monthly, 6-monthly and yearly servicing of your sprinkler systems in compliance with AS 1851-2012 Section 2.

You can also schedule 5-, 10-, 25-, or 30-yearly routine servicing periods in addition to the above.

  • We install and maintain Passive Fire Protection systems, including fire doors.
  • We maintain Fire Pumps & Water Storage Tanks for use during emergencies
  • Emergency Fire Safety Training – We provide training in first response actions, evacuation techniques, and chief warden and warden duties, in compliance with Building Fire Safety Regulation Act 2008 and AS 3745-2010.
  • Other services include Fire Safety Advisor provision and assistance for audits by Queensland Fire and Rescue Service.