Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants systems form a part of a building’s prescribed fire safety systems so they are required to be inspected and maintained as per the relevant codes and standards. Any defects that are found during testing need to be rectified as soon as possible to ensure the QFRS (Queensland Fire and Rescue Service) have functional hydrant systems when needed. Typically, sites require inspection every 6 months in conjunction with an annual flow test from the most disadvantaged point/s. Upon completion of an Annual flow test a Form 72 is issued. We often perform flow tests that are witnessed by insurance companies so they can give approval to our client’s insurance policies.

Fire Hydrant Block Plans

Strategic Fire Solutions offers an audit on your hydrant system for any property to ensure that all block plans and equipment match.


Hydrant Block Plan

If you have a fire booster connection or fire hydrant pump room onsite this is where your hydrant block plans will be located. Block plans form a critical part of your baseline data and it used by the fire brigade to determine and locate a number of things in the event of a fire. It is also used during an annual flow test to identify the flow requirements and where the test should be carried out from.

Some of the items shown on a typical block plan:

  • Size and location of water mains
  • Location and capacity of water tanks
  • Location of fire pumps
  • Location and number of hydrants
  • Location of booster assemblies
  • Location of switch rooms
  • Location of LPG tanks
  • Flammable storage areas

Strategic Fire Solutions Fire Hydrants Services

Your service agreement generally covers the standard annual routine maintenance schedules as per AS 1851-2012:


6 Monthly Annually

Routine services over and above your normal annual routine inspections are the following:

5 Yearly

This test is usually discussed at the time it is due and separately quoted accordingly. If your building is due for this test, please contact your fire safety provider to arrange a quote.

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