Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are designed to be an active fire protection method by using a controlled pressurised supply of water distributed through a piping system. Sprinkler systems have been used extensively worldwide and history reveals that buildings completely protected by such a system have a 96% success rate of controlling a fire. There are a number of different sprinkler systems, please see below the system that would be applicable to your building.

Wet systems are the most common and are typically found in office buildings, retail establishments, and climate controlled warehouses.

Dry systems are used in environments subject to freezing such as loading docks.

Pre-action systems are typically activated by automatic early warning detection and provide an added safeguard against unwanted release. Applications include frozen storage freezers and computer rooms.

Deluge systems utilise open sprinkler heads for hazards requiring the entire system to discharge at the same time for areas like outdoor transformers and fuel loading racks.

The frequency of routine servicing of Sprinkler systems are set out in AS 1851-2012. Section 2.

Your service agreement generally covers the standard annual routine maintenance schedules such as:

Monthly 6 Monthly Annually

Routine services over and above your normal annual routine inspections are the following:

5 Yearly 10 Yearly 25 Yearly 30 Yearly

These tests are discussed at the time they are due and separately quoted accordingly. If your building is due for any of these tests, please contact Strategic Fire Solutions Brisbane to arrange a site meeting to discuss and issue you with a proposal.

No matter the issue, we will find the solution