Emergency & Exit Lighting

Emergency & exit lighting is designed to turn on automatically when a building loses power to their normal lighting. They have a battery back-up designed to last for a minimum of 90mins to allow visibility for safe access and egress from buildings during darkness.

Emergency lights are required in all new commercial and high occupancy residential buildings, such as high rise apartments.

The Standard instructs that all emergency evacuation lighting systems shall be inspected and maintained in accordance with the relevant procedures specified and in accordance with the Building Fire and Safety Regulations Act. These tests shall only be carried out only by a fully qualified and experienced person and all maintenance records must be provided in the form of a hard copy Logbook or an electronic report can also be implemented as this is also compliant under AS:2293.2-1995

Strategic Fire Solutions Emergency & Exit Lighting BookStrategic Fire Solutions Brisbane can provide you with the following:

  • A 90-minute discharge test
  • Replace fluorescent tubes and lights if required
  • Audit for compliance
  • Inspection and collation of a report of all lights onsite
  • Installation of new emergency and exit lights
  • Certification (form 16)

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