Emergency Procedures & Fire Safety Training

Strategic Fire Solutions can provide you with a site specific fire and emergency management system complaint to AS 3745-2010 and Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008. This fire and emergency management system is a requirement under the Workplace Health and Safety Laws and the Qld Fire Regulations and Act.

The fire emergency procedures plan covers all aspects of workplace emergency preparedness and response plans once in place can be self-managed by the occupier.

Strategic Fire Solutions Fire Emergency Procedures & Fire Safety Training

Evacuation signs & diagrams

Evacuation sign / diagrams required under the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008. Our diagrams are colour and logo specific to suit the business. They are in A3 laminated format and once in place would only require updating if any building alterations or equipment was changed. A review should be conducted annually to ensure they are still compliant and applicable to the building.

Fire Safety Training and Fire Emergency Evacuation Response Training

Strategic Fire solutions fire safety training covers all of the required modules under the Building Fire Safety Regulation Act 2008 which includes first response, general evacuation and evacuation coordination instructions and also complies with AS 3745-2010 and covers Chief Warden and Warden training. Our training cost includes the use of fire extinguishers, all of the required training and evacuation records and includes a trial evacuation exercise.

Fire Safety Advisor

Strategic Fire Solutions can also provide you with a representative to cover your Fire Safety Advisor requirements. We can also assist you directly by attending site during any Queensland Fire and Rescue Service audits.

Do you require a Fire Safety Advisor?

  • Only if you are a workplace with 30 or more staff members normally employed or if your class 2 or 3 building is higher than 25 meters (regardless of quantity of staff)

What does a Fire Safety Advisor do?

  • Provide an annual report on all installed fire systems (all of the equipment and corresponding documents need to be kept up to date and recorded in the relevant format)
  • Provide or Arrange – First response evacuation instruction
  • Provide or Arrange – Evacuation coordination instructions
  • Review the evacuation plan and diagrams
  • Ensure all paths of egress are free from obstruction

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