Fire Services Ipswich

Fire Services Ipswich

When you are looking for the most professional fire services in Ipswich, the only name you should consider is Strategic Fire Solutions. We can give you the best fire safety management solutions and if you have a workplace with 30 or more staff members, we can also provide you with a representative to cover your Fire Safety Advisor requirements.

Do You Need a Fire Safety Advisor?

If you have a workplace with 30 or more staff members, you will need the services of a Fire Safety Advisor along with fire services in Ipswich. If your business is conducted in a commercial building that is higher than 25 metres, even if you do not have 30 or more staff members, you will still need a Fire Safety Advisor.

Strategic Fire Solutions Fire Services IpswichWhat does a Fire Safety Advisor Do?

Besides conducting fire safety audits, a fire safety advisor performs many other functions. Apart from being your point of contact when you need fire services in Ipswich, a Fire Safety Advisor

  • Provides an annual report that includes detailed information about all the installed fire systems in your commercial premises.
  • Provides or arranges first response evacuation instruction
  • Provides and arranges evacuation coordination instructions
  • Reviews evacuation plans and diagrams
  • Ensures all paths of egress are free from obstruction
  • Provides timely and updated reports to client and fire safety service company

Emergency Evacuation Response & Fire Safety Training

A Fire Safety Advisor plays an important role in helping you meet fire safety standards. However, it is also imperative that all your staff is trained to handle fire and emergency evacuation if the need arises.

With Strategic Fire Solutions, you can be assured that our training modules for your employees, covers everything required under the Building Fire Safety Regulation Act 2008. Call us for a discussion to know more about our fire protection services.