Albac Mats



The innovative rescue device that makes the evacuation of frail or immobile persons from life threatening

situations simple and easy.

The AlbacMatTM is an advancement of the blanket rescue method. The features of the AlbacMatTM such as the foot holder, securing and moving straps are included to minimize potential hazards to both the patient and the rescuer.

The design of the AlbacMatTM  is primarily for ease of use. Tapered for patient comfort, it encompasses the patient without the need for a sleeping bag type structure. The patient is simply laid onto the AlbacMatTM, strapped in and ready to be taken to safety, by only one person. The straps are Velcro that are parallel with the AlbacMatTM so that they are easily accessible – even if a person is struggling.

There are three sets of straps that can be positioned over the patient:

  1. Across the torso of the patient.
  2. Across the hips OR 1 and 2 straps can form an X over torso if required.
  3. Across the shins of the patient.

The foot holder is designed to keep the feet contained, while also preventing the patient from ‘sliding off’ while in transit (especially down stairs).

An important factor in evacuations/rescues is sometimes the lack of assistance available. For example, night shift in a 30-bed nursing home may only have 2 staff members on duty. The AlbacMatTM has been designed so that only one person may be required to move the patient. Keeping in mind ‘safety in numbers’ during an emergency, 2 staff members can evacuate 2 patients simultaneously, whilst still being able to assist each other if required.

Perhaps the best feature of the AlbacMatTM is its storage requirements – or lack thereof. The AlbacMatTM rolls up into itself making it only 30cm by 7cm.


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