Fire Protection For Your Home

Many homeowners do not take the proper steps to protect their homes from fires. Most people likely do not think that they are at risk of a fire developing in their home – so are unwilling to make the investment in fire protection systems such as sprinkler systems. They may even neglect basic fire safety … Read more

What Fire Safety Signs Do I Need For My Building?

When it comes to fire fighting equipment, the importance of signage is often overlooked. However, signage is incredibly important. Without proper signage, residents or users of your building won’t know how to escape in case of a fire. They also will be unable to locate emergency exits, alarms, and other safety features of your building. … Read more

Fire Training – Family Daycare

A fun day was had by all while conducting one of our local Family Daycare Facilities annual Fire & Evacuation Training recently. The children enjoyed getting to see their teacher put our a real fire and when it came time to evacuate, they all gathered well together and made their way to the designated Assembly … Read more